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    In a business, decisions are being made every day, whether the business involved is just starting out or it's already well established. Most businesses are experiencing the challenges too, especially when it comes to optimizing the performance of the business. That is why's Consulting Group offers consulting services to guide businesses throughout every stage of development, from day to day and for the long range goals too.'s team of consultants leverages strong industry knowledge within the agency’s area of coverage as well as deep experience with a wide range of market research methodologies. In addition to publishing research reports that provide in-depth strategic and qualitative analysis of emerging technology sectors, the agency regularly conducts consulting projects that are specifically tailored to the individual needs of client organizations.

    Each consulting engagement is led by an experienced project manager and includes a detailed project plan featuring key objectives, milestones, schedule of update meetings and interim deliverables, and research methodologies to be employed during the course of the project. Engagements are typically bid on a flat-rate basis with firm schedules for completion, ensuring predictable costs and timelines to align with clients’ business objectives and budgets.

  • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Consulting Group is an independent market research agency that provides industry participants and stakeholders with an objective, unbiased view of market dynamics and business opportunities within its coverage areas. The agency’s industry analysts are dedicated to presenting clear and actionable analysis to support business planning initiatives and go-to-market strategies, utilizing rigorous market research methodologies and without regard for technology hype or special interests including’s own client relationships. Within its market analysis, Consulting Group strives to offer conclusions and recommendations that reflect the most likely path of industry development, even when those views may be contrarian.

    The basis of Consulting Group’s analysis is primary research collected from a variety of sources including industry interviews, vendor briefings, product demonstrations, and quantitative and qualitative market research focused on consumer and business end-users. Industry analysts conduct interviews with representative groups of executives, technology practitioners, sales and marketing professionals, industry association personnel, government representatives, investors, consultants, and other industry stakeholders. Analysts are diligent in pursuing interviews with representatives from every part of the value chain in an effort to gain a comprehensive view of current market activity and future plans. Within the agency’s surveys and focus groups, respondent samples are carefully selected to ensure that they provide the most accurate possible view of demand dynamics within consumer and business markets, utilizing balanced and representative samples where appropriate and careful screening and qualification criteria in cases where the research topic requires a more targeted group of respondents. Consulting Group’s primary research is supplemented by the review and analysis of all secondary information available on the topic being studied, including company news and financial information, technology specifications, product attributes, government and economic data, industry reports and databases from third-party sources, case studies, and reference customers. As applicable, all secondary research sources are appropriately cited within the firm’s publications. All of Consulting Group’s research reports and other publications are carefully reviewed and scrutinized by the agency’s senior management team in an effort to ensure that research methodology is sound, all information provided is accurate, analyst assumptions are carefully documented, and conclusions are well-supported by facts. Consulting Group is highly responsive to feedback from industry participants and, in the event errors in the firm’s research are identified and verified, such errors are corrected promptly.


    While's Consulting Group is open to discussing a wide range of potential projects to support your organization’s priorities, the majority of the agency’s consulting engagements fall into the following categories:

    CONSUMER AND BUSINESS USER SURVEYS's Consulting Group conducts in-depth surveys of consumers and business users in an effort to help clients understand the dynamics of end-user demand for emerging technology products and services. The methodology for each survey is designed based on clients’ objectives, which are discussed in detail during the proposal stage.

    Surveys may be either quantitative or qualitative in nature and may be conducted via web, phone, or in person. For quantitative surveys, respondent samples are carefully selected to ensure that they provide the most accurate possible view of demand dynamics within the target respondent group. In some cases, such samples utilize balanced and representative samples for the total population being studied and, in cases where the research objectives require a more targeted group of respondents, careful screening and qualification criteria are applied. As appropriate,'s Consulting Group’s analysts utilize statistical analysis techniques to provide further insights into respondents’ characteristics and motivations. Qualitative research approaches are typically used to gain clarity on more subjective business questions and may be leveraged either for representative samples or respondents within highly specialized groups of target respondents ranging from consumers to business end-users to industry executives.

    Key applications:

    • Behavioral Analysis
    • Brand or Product Awareness and Perceptions
    • Competitive Benchmarking
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Customer Segmentation and Profiling
    • Demographic and Psychographic Profiling
    • End-User Attitudes and Perceptions
    • Price Elasticity of Demand
    • Product or Service Usage Patterns
    • Purchase History, Intent, and Priorities
    • Voice of Customer Studies
    • Willingness to Pay
    COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Consulting Group's competitive intelligence services draw on its analysts’ deep understanding of the market landscape, as well as their strong familiarity with key industry players and product offerings, to provide clients with a clear and comprehensive picture of the competitive field, including assessments of the relative strengths and weaknesses of various companies and organizations. Consulting engagements include market landscape analysis, supply chain and value chain analysis, competitor profiling, benchmarking, and competitive pricing studies.

    The agency’s competitive analysis includes both qualitative and quantitative techniques, utilizing both primary and secondary research sources. In its competitive analysis engagements as well as in its broader market research activities, Consulting Group adheres to a strict code of ethics and does not engage in research activities that are deceptive in nature, are in violation of domestic or international laws, or which create conflicts of interest.

    Key applications:

    • Competitive Benchmarking
    • Competitor Profiling and Assessment
    • Customer Relationship Mapping
    • Pricing and Cost Analysis
    • Product Evaluation
    • Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment
    • Supply Chain Analysis
    • Technology Assessment
    • Value Chain Mapping

    CUSTOMER PROFILING AND SEGMENTATION Consulting Group provides clients with detailed customer profiling services to support a variety of sales and marketing initiatives. These engagements utilize both primary and secondary market research techniques to help clients better understand the characteristics, attitudes, behavior, and motivations of existing and prospective customers alike, including both consumers and business users. Consulting Group’s

    profiling and segmentation projects provide a tangible return on investment by improving the effectiveness of product design, pricing strategy, brand positioning, communications strategy, marketing campaigns, customer support, customer retention, and sales initiatives.

    Key applications:

    • Behavioral Segmentation
    • Customer Priorities and Motivations
    • Customer Profiles and Attributes
    • Demographic Segmentation
    • Marketing Campaign Optimization
    • Pricing Optimization
    • Psychographic Segmentation
    • Sales Channel Optimization
    • Target Market Identification

    Market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting is an integral component of the research and analysis conducted by Consulting Group’s team of industry analysts, both within the agency’s research reports as well as in custom research engagements. This quantitative analysis provides clients with key inputs into their business planning initiatives including business case development, market opportunity assessment, market entry strategy, market segment prioritization, production planning, and financial analysis, among other areas. In cases where the client has a unique set of market definitions, objectives, or parameters, Consulting Group provides customized market models that are tailored to those specific needs. Consulting Group’s analysts utilize rigorous research methodologies to support the creation of detailed market models, the basis of which is current market sizing in terms of unit shipments, unit sales, active users, installed capacity, attach rates, penetration rates, average selling prices, revenue, and any other metrics relevant to the topic at hand. The market may in turn be segmented by technology, geography (at the world region, country, or local levels), end-use application, vertical market, or other applicable segmentation approaches. Consulting Group then provides clients with forecasts for the growth of those market segments over a specified time period, together with an analysis of key factors influencing market development and the timing and nature of future market transitions. The agency’s market sizing and forecasting frequently includes the presentation of multiple forecast scenarios, including an assessment of the probability and key assumptions for each scenario.

    Key applications:

    • Business Case Development
    • Custom Data Analytics
    • Custom Market Forecasts
    • Custom Market Segmentation
    • Financial Analysis
    • Forecast Scenario Analysis
    • Market Opportunity Assessment
    • Market Share Analysis
    • Market Simulations
    • Production Planning

    One of the key types of consulting engagements conducted by Consulting Group is research and analysis that supports the development of successful strategies for overall market positioning in addition to product development and management, both for individual products as well as at the portfolio level.

    The output of the Consulting Group's custom market analysis engagements includes strategic and quantitative assessments of market drivers and barriers, business models and product/service offerings, policy and regulatory issues, technology issues, the competitive landscape, value chain mapping, and the dynamics of customer demand. The findings of Consulting Group’s market and product strategy consulting engagements are delivered through a variety of means including written reports, visual reporting tools and maps, quantitative datasets, and executive presentations from the team of consultants.

    Key applications:

    • Brand Positioning and Strategy
    • Competitive Differentiation
    • Custom Dashboards
    • Custom Research Reports
    • Executive and Board Presentations
    • Market Entry Strategy
    • Market Landscape Assessment
    • New Product Development
    • Product and Service Design
    • Product Portfolio Management
    MARKETING CAMPAIGN SUPPORT's Consulting Group provides clients with a variety of go-to-market services that support marketing campaigns and other related initiatives. These consulting services may either represent the essence of a strategic marketing initiative on a standalone basis, or in other cases may provide proof points and supporting content for a broader campaign. The agency’s go-to-market services are designed to provide highly relevant and timely content to a target set of customers and industry stakeholders, utilizing the broad market perspective of Consulting Group’s analysts as well as deep knowledge within their respective coverage areas.

    Typical custom research services utilized for go-to-market strategies include the development of white papers, webinars and podcasts, infographics and data charts, analyst speaking engagements, report reprints, customer case studies, and video content. Deliverables are coordinated carefully with client representatives to ensure that they meet the key business objectives of the project, however Consulting Group’s analysts are diligent in maintaining their research independence and objectivity throughout the course of these engagements, providing relevant context for clients’ marketing activities while at the same time not endorsing any particular company, product, or technology.

    Key applications:

    • Case Study Development
    • Custom Infographics, Charts, and Tables
    • Custom Market Metrics and Data Points
    • Media and Public Relations Planning
    • Sales Training Support
    • Speaking Engagements
    • Trade Show Support
    • Video Presentations and Interviews
    • Webinars and Podcasts
    • White Papers

    For client initiatives that require a highly consultative, real-time dialogue that leverages analyst insights and market expertise,'s Consulting Group provides strategic advisory sessions, both in person and remotely via teleconference or web conference. These sessions are scaled to fit the individual objectives of the project and may range from a one-hour custom consultation to a full-day session that includes research presentations and roundtable discussions.

    As part of strategic advisory sessions,'s Consulting Group’s analysts serve as a sounding board and provide feedback on new corporate strategy initiatives, product development and launch plans, market messaging, partner development, and client development strategies. They also offer market and technology context that supports business planning activities at the strategic and tactical levels. Where applicable, the analysts present the relevant findings of their research on the subject at hand, providing strategic conclusions and recommendations to assist clients with their objectives. The agenda for each session is coordinated carefully with client representatives to ensure maximum value and return on investment.

    Key applications:

    • Analyst Roundtable Events
    • Competitive Landscape Assessment
    • Custom Webinars
    • Executive and Board Presentations
    • Insights and Analysis on Key Industry
    • Developments
    • Investment and Transaction Support
    • Market Message Testing
    • Market Trends and Developments
    • Technology Trends Discussion

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